Trainer, Teacher, Neuroscientist

My goal is to give you the skills you need to find motivation, inspiration and life balance.


Contact me if you would like to try my system for achieve optimal life balance. The concepts underlying this approach are based on modern research in neuroscience and psychology.

We all deserve to feel good now and again

Editorial Services

Do you need academic editorial services? Whether you need someone to proofread your thesis or assist the completion of an important publication, I can help your projects progress.

I can get your writing back on track


I provide soft skill workshops for academics of all levels. Because of the growing demand for digital workshops, I also have online versions of my workshops available. Formats can be customized.

I've had many great reviews. Contact me to get my previous evaluations.


Face to face contact is possible if you currently reside in Sweden. Of course, we can arrange a digital meeting. Feel free to write to me and we can meet in whichever medium you prefer.

I'll be in touch :)

Trainer, Teacher, Neuroscientist - Dr. Andrew Wold