Classics in Neuroscience

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The Classics of Neuroscience

This proposed seminar will focus on landmark research in interdisciplinary neuroscience. This course will explore seminal work in 3 interdisciplinary fields: Neuropsychology, Social Cognition, and Decision Making. The proposed syllabus will give all students in-depth coverage of not only the concepts of landmark studies, but also a historical context of the effect these bodies of research had on the scientific community then and now.  Classics in Neuropsychology will cover milestones in the connection between cortical areas and function/behavior. Classics in Social Cognition will focus on human social behavior and how our social context shapes our brain. Classics in Decision Making will cover the progression from former models to modern models of decision making, e.g. utility theory to prospect theory, and discuss the interdisciplinary leaps made when psychologist and economists work together.

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