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Time Management

One-day 9:30 – 16:30

Target Audience: Master and PhD

Summary: Time is a precious resource. All too often in our academic careers we will want to have more, but will have to make do with what little time is left. In this workshop, we will work on making the most of the time we have. We will work through exercises that help you structure and prioritize your personal and work time. We will break down three main time structures and do group and individual work to help strengthen our time management. We will give a strong emphasis to short-term time management, long-term (project based) time management, and multiply party project management. Additionally, we will work on methods to reduce time inefficiencies, reduce resistance to engaging key project elements, and we will discuss how to set deadlines to facilitate motivation, instead of treating them as deterrents to get work completed. The aim of this workshop is to help you understand what aspects you need to focus on for your personal time efficiency. Not only will this help you in your career, time efficiency will help you live a more balanced, stress-free life.

Methods: group and individual exercises in time structuring and activity prioritization. Reflection on goals and motivations. Using deadlines and commitment devices. Theory discussing time efficiency.

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