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Stress Management

Target Audience: Masters, PhDs, PostDocs

Time Frame: One-day, 9:30-16:30

Summary: Some stress can be a positive motivating factor, but too much will hold us back from fulfilling our potential. Academia is plagued with stress, and not addressing it can have serious health implications. In this workshop, we will discuss balancing work and life, and learn how to maximize recovery from stress. We will do group and individual exercises to prevent stress, develop strategies to cope with unavoidable stress, and utilize stress in a positive way. We will help to identify your level of stress and then practice stress reduction techniques in order to relieve pent up pressure when dealing with work, life, and whatever faces us in the future. Finally, we will build our resistance to stressful situations by developing a personalized sense of boundaries. In this one-day workshop you will reflect on stress and learn to effectively dissolve it.


Methods: Relaxation exercises, breathing techniques, theory in structuring and prioritizing work/life balance


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