Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in Science

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Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in Science

Target Audience: Masters, PhD students, Post Docs

Course Duration: One day, 9:30-17:00

Summary: Have you ever spoken with a PhD student or Post-doc who hasn’t had an issue with authorship or lacking supervision? Such issues are commonplace, and the skills to deal with them often come too late, if ever. This course will teach you how to combat issues that are currently troubling you and give you skills to prevent issues from (re)occurring. In this course you will learn how to negotiate the terms of your PhD, work through authorship issues, and improve your collaborative potential. We will look into common complaints that have been known to slow the progress of your work, and do group exercises to train you in possible workplace scenarios. The aim of this course is to reduce possible frustration and to improve your work efficiency by reducing/resolving conflicts and avoiding miscommunications.


Methods: Training in conflict management, bargaining exercises, principled negotiation

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