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Effective Writing

Target Audience: Masters, PhD students

Course Duration: Two days, 9:30-17:00

Summary: Sometimes knowing the format and required language of a paper is not enough to accurately get your message across. This workshop will focus on refining the scope and impact of your papers. “Effective Writing” means maximizing the communicative effect of your written words. This course will weigh heavily on how to optimize papers for scientific publication, but will be immediately applicable to all writing you do, including: writing formal or informal E-mails, grant applications, etc. During this workshop participants will do exercises that help them to synthesis complex issues and to present them in a simplified manner. An example of such an exercise is the “Elevator Test”. Can you describe your project or paper within a 30 second elevator ride? Furthermore, you will receive tips on how to reduce common mistakes when writing from German to English and be given time to address any specific concerns you have in your own writing examples.


Methods: Writing and grammar fundamentals, group and individual feedback exercises, structuring and written execution, trainer feedback on your own written work

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