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Powerful Poster Presentation

Target Audience: Masters, PhDs, PostDocs

Time Frame: One-day, 9:30-16:30

Summary: This one-day workshop will prepare you to execute an effective and impactful poster presentation. Your goal as a poster presenter is deliver your message to a diverse audience. We will work through necessary steps to create and optimize posters and then practice presentation delivery and question fielding. Furthermore, you will receive feedback from the instructor and other participants about your strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, you will have your presentation pitch recorded for your own viewing and personal growth as a scientific presenter. This course will teach fundamental poster presentation skills. You will learn how to use your voice and body effectively, learn to engage a dynamic audience and how to best construct and present a poster.


Methods: Trainer input; individual, partner, and group work; written and creative focusing exercises; brief presentations by participants.

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