Advanced Communication

Advanced Communication and Negotiation 

Digital Concept: Participants will have access to online course material one week before their first Zoom meeting. We will then discuss weekly key concepts and assignments issued in the video material. Meetings are 2 hours per session and will be on the same day of the week for three consecutive weeks, plus one follow-up session that takes place 1-3 months after the last weekly meeting. Total workload: 16 hours (approximately 4 in video material, 8 in meetings, 2 in preparations, and an additional 2 in assignments).  

Summary: The basics of communication require us to understand how to engage, who to approach, and when it most opportune. As we develop more advanced skills in communication and negotiation, we will focus more on how to prepare for goal directed communication, how to discover our automatic negotiating behaviors (for good or for bad), and how to steer into the proverbial storm of conflict that we have previously learned to avoid. Understanding how to communicate and negotiate on an advanced level requires that we open our capacity to learn about others and ourselves. Once per week, we will meet and discuss your communication issues as a small group and work through scenarios and be issued communication challenges that will give insight into how others and we assess negotiations and communicative situations. By the end of the workshop, it is my goal to give you new insight and motivation into how you approach communication.

Methods: Group and individual exercises in communication. Organizational psychology. Implementing constructive conflicts. Communication scenarios (enacted by you, the workshop participant). International communication differences. Communication challenges