• Soft-Skills Workshops

    I provide soft-skills workshops for all academic levels. My courses focus on communication skills and self-management.

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  • Teaching Services

    I also provide counselling services for all ages and backgrounds. My work in interdisciplinary neuroscience has lead to me developing a system to help you achieve optimal balance in life.

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Teacher, Guidance Coach, Neuroscientist

My goal is to help you find motivation, inspiration and life balance.

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Contact me if you would like to try my system for achieve optimal life balance. The concepts underlying this approach are based on modern research in fields of neuroscience and psychology.

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I offer instruction and guidance on how to better communicate. This could be in a workplace setting, in a relationship, with family or children; any form of communication you wish to improve.

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I provide soft skill workshops for academics of all levels. I specialize personal and interpersonal communication. I can be booked for workshops, pending availability. Check my listings for course I will be offering.

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Face to face contact is possible if you currently reside in Sweden. I'm open to digital contact. Feel free to write to me and we can meet in whichever medium you prefer.